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GBRA Scholarships

Become a GBRA Scholar: The GBRA scholarship program helps students across the counties of the Guadalupe River Basin to achieve their educational goals. Three $2,000 scholarships are awarded annually to applicants who demonstrate financial need, leadership initiative and educational motivation. All graduating seniors in the 10-county service area (Kendall, Comal, Hays, Caldwell, Gonzales, Guadalupe, DeWitt, Victoria, Calhoun and Refugio) who intend to pursue higher education are encouraged to apply.

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Water Quality Publications

Don't Be Clueless About Water Quality

Don't Be Clueless About Water Quality - This brochure covers watersheds, nonpoint source pollution, stewardship, alternatives to HHW, and a listing of contact resources.

Basin Highlights Report

Basin Highlights Report - GBRA produces an annual report to its Clean River Program Activities. The report can downloaded from our Publications section, or single printed copies can requested.

Guadalupe River Basin Macroinvertebrates & Crustaceans Identification Chart

Guadalupe River Basin Macroinvertebrates & Crustaceans Identification Chart

Water Quality Multimedia

Components of a Riparian System

Learn about the three parts of a Riparian System, and the role each plays in water quality.

NonPoint Source Pollution Education

These videos were funded by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, as a component of a 319 NonPoint Source Pollution Grant focusing on Geronimo Creek. The creative design originated with the Seguin High School Summer 2015 Project Based Learning Class.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Training

An informational wastewater treatment module that shows the procedures of wastewater treatment and explains why it is important to properly manage wastewater at all steps in the process, from your home all the way to the stream where the treatment facility discharges.

Septic System Training (Spanish version)

An online training program to illustrate proper septic system function and maintenance to ensure efficiency and to extend the life of the system.

Fats, Oils, and Grease Training

An online training program to address management practices for handling fats, oils, grease, and household chemical use and disposal. The training is geared toward both businesses and homeowners.

Stormwater Management Training

An online training tool for municipal operations employees to encourage proper stormwater management. This module addresses stormwater control practices and includes information for entities that must satisfy municipal stormwater regulations.

Water Conservation Education

Water Conservation

Water Conservation - Using water efficiently and avoiding waste is fundamental to ensuring water availability in the future. Here are a few ideas that will help to protect our water supply. In our businesses, schools, and homes, using water more efficiently will lessen the effects of limited water supply.

Aqua Phil's Conservation Basin

Aqua Phil's Conservation Basin - To learn how you can contribute to the overall efforts of water conservation in the Guadalupe River Basin and throughout the state, follow some of these tips offered by Aqua Phil.

Hydro-Illogical Cycle

Hydro-ILLOGICAL Cycle - this animation gives us a somewhat comical look at how short term our memories can be when it comes to the use and abuse of water resources. Follow Aqual Phil as he leads you through the steps of the Hydro-ILLOGICAL cycle.

This is in contrast to the Hydrologic Cycle (Water Cycle), which describes how water moves across the surface of the earth.

Water-Related Interactive Activities

Watershed Puzzle

Watershed Puzzle - Everyone lives in a watershed - an area of land that drains water into a particular creek, river or lake. This puzzle will help you learn about the watersheds of the Guadalupe River Basin.

Water Trivia Quiz

Water Trivia Quiz - Think you know a lot about water? Take this quiz to find out - and you might just win a prize!

Speaking Engagements

For school presentations contact:
Cinde Thomas-Jimenez
GBRA Education Coordinator

For other speaker engagements contact:
Danielle Wilson
GBRA Communications


Contact the GBRA Communications Department to request an exhibit for display, or to discuss GBRA participation in a conference.

Displays available:

  • Don't Be Clueless About Water Quality
  • GBRA Lab
  • GBRA Education
  • GBRA Operations
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