2010 Water Quality Monitoring Project

Through the 2010-2013 Surface Water Quality Monitoring and Additional Data Collection Activities to Support the Implementation of the Plum Creek Watershed Protection [Short title – 2010-2013 Plum Creek Water Quality Monitoring] project, GBRA will continue to collect surface water quality monitoring (SWQM) data to characterize the Plum Creek watershed, including the contributing wastewater effluents. Monitoring data will be used to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the BMPs that have been or will be implemented in the watershed as a result of the Plum Creek WPP. The sampling regime will include diurnal, springflow, storm event and targeted monitoring under more typical base flow conditions over the next three years. This will provide a more complete and representative data set to characterize the Plum Creek watershed and document water quality improvements.

The project goals are to:

  • Generate data of known and acceptable quality for surface and ground water quality monitoring of main stem and tributary stations,
  • Support the implementation of the Plum Creek WPP by collecting water quality data for use in evaluating the effectiveness of BMPs, and in assessing water quality improvement and progress in achieving restoration,
  • Communicate water quality conditions to the public and the Plum Creek Watershed Partnership Steering Committee in order to support adaptive management of the Plum Creek WPP and to expand public knowledge on Plum Creek water quality data,
  • Conduct a gain/loss study to better define the relationship between surface flows and groundwater recharge in the Plum Creek watershed through two synoptic condition surveys.

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