Blanco County Monitoring Sites

Putting your cursor over the stream site number on the map below will generate a picture of the site (if available). Clicking on the site number will take you down the page to a table of sites with locations, parameters and frequency of analysis. Below the table is a legend defining the abbreviations used in the table.

TCEQ Station ID #12668TCEQ Station ID #12668: Blanco River at FM 165 bridge crossing near City of Blanco

Guadalupe River Basin Surface Water Quality Monitoring Program
GBRA Monitoring Locations

TCEQ Station ID Description Latitude/ Longitude Parameters/ Frequency* Monitoring Types/By Historical Data
12668 Blanco River at FM 165 bridge crossing near City of Blanco 30°05'27"
C/Monthly; F/Monthly; BAC/Monthly Fixed/GBRA PDF | Excel


The C symbol represents the following parameters and their TCEQ codes: 00010, Temperature, Water (Centigrade); 00094 Conductivity, Field (mmhos/cm @ 25C); 00300 Oxygen, Dissolved (mg/L); 00400 pH (standard units); 00631 Nitrate/Nitrite-Nitrogen (mg/L as N); 00665 Total Phosphorus (mg/L as P); 00530 Solids, Total Suspended (mg/L); 82079 Turbidity (NTU); 00945 Sulfate (mg/L); 00940 Chloride (mg/L); 32211 Chlorophyll-a (mg/L); 00900 Total Hardness (mg/L); and 31648 E. coli (#/100 mL).

The F symbol means that a flow measurement will be provided. When possible, this information will be derived from U.S. Geological stream gages; at some sites, the proximity of a hydroelectric generating facility allows the calculation of flow based upon power generated; at the remainder of the sites field measurements will be made by GBRA Lab personnel or UGRA personnel.

The M symbol denotes metals. All M samples will be collected by the GBRA. The dissolved metals to be analyzed for are 01106 Aluminum (mg/L as Al); 01090 Zinc (mg/L as Zn); 01000 Arsenic (mg/L as As); 00915 Calcium (mg/L as Ca); 01025 Cadmium (mg/L as Cd); 00925 Magnesium (mg/L as Mg); 46570 Hardness, calc, (mg/L as CaCO3); 01005 Barium (mg/L as Ba); 01030 Chromium (mg/L as Cr); 01040 Copper (mg/L as Cu); 01046 Iron (mg/L as Fe); 01049 Lead (mg/L as Pb); 01056 Manganese (mg/L as Mn); 01065 Nickel (mg/L as Ni); 01060 Molybdenum (mg/L as Mo); 01145 Selenium (mg/L as Se); 71890 Mercury, total (mg/L as Hg); and 01075 Silver (mg/L as Ag).

AC means Aquatic Commun-Habitat.

RN means Routine Nekton.

N/A means not active. The station is not being monitored.

RB means Routine Benthics.

FT means Fish Tissue.

BAC means TSWQS Bacteria sampling.

O means organics in water.

D024 means dissolved oxygen measurements over a 24 hour period.

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