Gonzales County Monitoring Sites

Putting your cursor over the stream site number on the map below will generate a picture of the site (if available). Clicking on the site number will take you down the page to a table of sites with locations, parameters and frequency of analysis. Below the table is a legend defining the abbreviations used in the table.

TCEQ Station ID #14937TCEQ Station ID #14937: Peach Creek at CR 353
TCEQ Station ID #15110TCEQ Station ID #15110: Guadalupe River at H-5 Dam near Gonzales
TCEQ Station ID #16578TCEQ Station ID #16578: San Marcos River at Hwy 90A near city of Gonzales, 7km upstream of confluence with Guadalupe River

Guadalupe River Basin Surface Water Quality Monitoring Program
GBRA Monitoring Locations

TCEQ Station ID Description Latitude/ Longitude Parameters/ Frequency* Monitoring Types/By Historical Data
14937 Peach Creek at CR 353 29°30'28" / 97°18'49" C/Monthly; F/Monthly; M/Annually; AC/Annually; RN/Annually; BAC/Monthly; RB/Annually Fixed/GBRA PDF | Excel
15110 Guadalupe River at H-5 Dam near Gonzales 29°28'08" / 97°29'24" C/Monthly; F/Monthly; BAC/Monthly Fixed/GBRA PDF | Excel
15996 Elm Creek at CR 108 (1.7 km south of Smiley) 29°15'29" / 97°38'23" N/A GBRA PDF
15997 Elm Creek at CR 534 (6km ESE of Nixon) 29°14'04" / 97°42'17" N/A GBRA PDF
15998 Sandies Creek at FM 1116 4 km east of Smiley and approximately 3 km upstream of confluence with Elm Creek 29°15'37" / 97°33'31" F/Monthly; BAC/Monthly; DO24 N/A PDF | Excel
16578 San Marcos River at Hwy 90A near city of Gonzales, 7km upstream of confluence with Guadalupe River 29°30'50" / 97°29'38" C/Quarterly; F/Quarterly; BAC/Quarterly; FT/Annually Fixed/GBRA PDF | Excel
17894 Elm Creek on Lazy F Ranch (515 meters upstream of old US 87 Bridge) 29°24'31" / 97°55'61" BAC/Quarterly; F/Quarterly; C/Quarterly; DO24 GBRA PDF | Excel
17934 Peach Creek at FM 1680 28°53'49" / 97°08'17" BAC/Monthly; C/Monthly; F/Monthly; DO24 GBRA PDF | Excel
20470 Guadalupe River at Hwy 183 near Hochheim 29°18'52" / 97°18'12" C/Quarterly; F/Quarterly; BAC/Quarterly Fixed/GBRA PDF | Excel
21736 Guadalupe River 200 Meters Downstream of H-4 Dam at Lake Gonzales 29°29'42" / 97°37'21" C/Quarterly; F/Quarterly; BAC/Quarterly Fixed/GBRA PDF | Excel


The C symbol represents the following parameters and their TCEQ codes: 00010, Temperature, Water (Centigrade); 00094 Conductivity, Field (mmhos/cm @ 25C); 00300 Oxygen, Dissolved (mg/L); 00400 pH (standard units); 00631 Nitrate/Nitrite-Nitrogen (mg/L as N); 00665 Total Phosphorus (mg/L as P); 00530 Solids, Total Suspended (mg/L); 82079 Turbidity (NTU); 00945 Sulfate (mg/L); 00940 Chloride (mg/L); 32211 Chlorophyll-a (mg/L); 00900 Total Hardness (mg/L); and 31648 E. coli (#/100 mL).

The F symbol means that a flow measurement will be provided. When possible, this information will be derived from U.S. Geological stream gages; at some sites, the proximity of a hydroelectric generating facility allows the calculation of flow based upon power generated; at the remainder of the sites field measurements will be made by GBRA Lab personnel or UGRA personnel.

The M symbol denotes metals. All M samples will be collected by the GBRA. The dissolved metals to be analyzed for are 01106 Aluminum (mg/L as Al); 01090 Zinc (mg/L as Zn); 01000 Arsenic (mg/L as As); 00915 Calcium (mg/L as Ca); 01025 Cadmium (mg/L as Cd); 00925 Magnesium (mg/L as Mg); 46570 Hardness, calc, (mg/L as CaCO3); 01005 Barium (mg/L as Ba); 01030 Chromium (mg/L as Cr); 01040 Copper (mg/L as Cu); 01046 Iron (mg/L as Fe); 01049 Lead (mg/L as Pb); 01056 Manganese (mg/L as Mn); 01065 Nickel (mg/L as Ni); 01060 Molybdenum (mg/L as Mo); 01145 Selenium (mg/L as Se); 71890 Mercury, total (mg/L as Hg); and 01075 Silver (mg/L as Ag).

AC means Aquatic Commun-Habitat.

RN means Routine Nekton.

N/A means not active. The station is not being monitored.

RB means Routine Benthics.

FT means Fish Tissue.

BAC means TSWQS Bacteria sampling.

O means organics in water.

D024 means dissolved oxygen measurements over a 24 hour period.

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