Field Trips

GBRA Facilities

GBRA offers the following tours to schools within the 10-county statutory district. For more information or scheduling call GBRA at 830-379-5822 or 1-800-413-5822.

Hydro-Electric Plants (grades 5 and up) - Tours of dams and hydroelectric powerhouses explain operation, equipment and how natural flows of the Guadalupe River are used to generate electricity. Canyon Hydro is preferred for tours, but tours can also be arranged on dams in Guadalupe and Gonzales counties. Preferred days are Monday and Thursday, from 11:30 - 2 p.m. (groups between 10 - 30; approximately 45 min.)

Water Treatment Plants (suitable for grades 4 and up) - This tour of GBRA operated water treatment plants (Luling, Port Lavaca, Western Canyon and San Marcos) follows the stages in the drinking water treatment process that converts raw water from a river to drinking water quality. (groups of at least 15 and under 30, larger groups will need to be split; approximately 1 hour)

Wastewater Treatment Plants (suitable for grades 6 and up) - The tour follows the treatment process from initial raw waste to a finished wastewater that can be returned to rivers and streams or recycled for land irrigation, golf courses or parks. (groups of at least 15 and under 30, larger groups will need to be split; approximately 1 hour)

Canyon Lake Gorge (high school only - groups of 20 and under, larger groups will need to be split) - A three-hour hike through the Canyon Lake Gorge, which was created when water escaped the lake over the spillway during the Flood of 2002. Group size restricted, and must be scheduled at least a month in advance. Full tour limited to high school level students; short tour for junior high level. High school and middle schools groups of reasonable size (under 60) can possibly be provided short tours with split groups.

Texas Aquatic ScienceNature Rocks

GBRA Lab - Tour includes overview of the GBRA Lab services and demonstration of equipment including chemical and bacteriological testing conducted for cities, industries and individuals. Optional aquarium presentation highlights native aquatic species. (groups of 20 and under, larger groups will have to be split; approximately 1 hour)

Outdoor Education Partnerships

GBRA Education Staff works in partnership with the following sites. Presentations are dependent upon the programs offered at each site.

Seguin Outdoor Learning Center (Seguin, TX) - offers many exciting, hands-on science and nature activities for explorers and naturalists of all ages. The SOLC pond, creek, and wooded trails are the perfect classroom for learning about nature and awakening the senses. GBRA Education staff can work with schools in the Guadalupe Basin in the Environmental Science lab. Activities include Macroinvertebrate Investigations and Water Quality Monitoring.

Cibolo Nature Center (Boerne, TX) - The Cibolo Nature Center offers an outstanding outdoor classroom program for schools in the public and private sectors as well as home school groups. Their curriculum (grades K-8) emphasizes conservation of natural resources, addresses science processes and concepts and is fully aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). GBRA Staff can provide leadership at a number of the stations offered at CNN to schools in the Guadalupe River Basin.

Coleto Creek Reservoir and Park (Fannin, TX) - offers a variety of "Outdoor Education Classes" and "Field Days" to schools, tour groups, and other interested groups. The park develops each program to meet each group's specific needs. GBRA Education staff is available to assist with field trips.

The Meadows Center (San Marcos, TX) - The Meadows Center's interpreter-led field trips offer a unique learning environment at Spring Lake. We teach visitors about Spring Lake's ecosystem and biodiversity, the water cycle, and the importance of environmental stewards. Our 30 TEKS-aligned curricula create customized experiences to meet specific learning goals of any age group, from pre-school to post-retirement.

Aransas National Wildlife Refuge (San Antonio Bay) - AMWRD provides outdoor classroom experiences to give students the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while promoting an understanding of conservation. Groups can contact ANWRC for a fun filled hands-on environmental education field experience, where students learn by interacting with the environment of the Refuges. GBRA staff is available to assist ANWRC Environmental Education staff for river basin schools.

Canyon Lake Gorge (Canyon Lake, TX) - offers Outdoor Classroom events for fifth grade students throughout the school year. Topics covered include the formation of sedimentary rocks, fossils, erosion, landforms, land and aquatic ecosystems, and the water cycle. The Outdoor Classroom is not a full Gorge tour, instead it includes a visit into the lower portion of the Gorge. For more information on the Gorge Outdoor Classrooms, contact the GBRA Environmental Education Administrator at: .

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