Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Planning Product

The product of the planning process is a comprehensive, all-hazard Hazard Mitigation Action Plan that meets all State and Federal requirements. The plan addresses the full range of natural and technological hazards facing the Guadalupe River Basin -- potentially including such natural hazards as floods, dam failures, tornadoes and high winds, hurricanes, fires, urban and wildland fires, drought and extreme heat and man-made hazards such as pipeline accidents, hazardous materials incidents and terrorism.

Because most of these hazards know no boundaries, a basin-wide planning approach was utilized. FEMA and the State Division of Emergency Management (DEM) encourage this type of approach. With multiple jurisdictions working together and focusing on common risks faced in the basin, a multi-jurisdictional approach provides greater efficiency, saving time and expense by eliminating the need for each local jurisdiction to devise its own approach and prepare its own separate plan document. Further, this type of planning effort results in a common plan format and loss estimation techniques that will help the State and FEMA project vulnerabilities on a regional basis and evaluate future projects for grant awards.

In addition to the overall basin-wide plan, each local jurisdiction has its own separate section of the plan as part of the overall, basin-wide plan. Each local jurisdiction's plan has been reviewed and is being adopted by its governing body.

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