Buda Wastewater Treatment Plant

GBRA operates and manages the 1.75 MGD wastewater treatment plant under contract with the City of Buda. GBRA assumed operations of the Buda WWTP in October 2001 after the plant expansion in July 2001. Another plant expansion was completed in 2007. Located in the environmentally sensitive Onion Creek watershed, the plant is operated as a "complete mix, activated sludge system" utilizing two clarifiers for biosolids and phosphorus removal. Sludge handling is facilitated by a belt filter press.

Process monitoring is performed on-site, with more advanced monitoring and testing procedures completed by the GBRA Lab.

  • Location: Buda, Texas
  • Startup Date: 1985
  • GBRA assumed operations: October, 2001
  • Expansion: 2012
  • Capacity: 1.75 mgd
  • Service area: City of Buda
  • Service population: 15,000


Jesi Mann, Chief Operator
Phone: 512-312-0526

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