Calhoun County Rural Water Supply System

The system purchases treated water from the GBRA Port Lavaca Water Treatment Plant and provides retail water service to residents of rural areas in Calhoun County. This Division operates approximately 75 miles of pipeline for the delivery and distribution of potable drinking water, plus storage and pumping facilities. The primary areas of operation are the communities of Alamo Beach, Indianola, and Magnolia Beach in the south-central area of the county, the Six Mile community in the county's northwestern area, and the Highway 35 area south of the city of Port Lavaca. Limited fire protection is provided by the presence of fire-water hydrants in select areas that are made available for the use by area fire departments. All Treated drinking water meets all federal and state water quality standards.

Established in 1970 by a rural citizens group working in conjunction with GBRA, the Calhoun County Rural Water Supply Corporation evolved to meet the needs of rural residents for an adequate supply of high quality drinking water. Its development followed closely on the heels of the initial drinking water contract that GBRA wrote with the City of Port Lavaca, that allowed the construction of the GBRA Port Lavaca Water Treatment Plant in 1968-1970. A charter membership was established, and the Corporation contracted with the Calhoun County Rural Water Supply System, an operating division of GBRA, for construction and operation of the necessary facilities. The initial construction was financed by the Farmers Home Administration. All of the rural water infrastructure and related assets are the property of GBRA. The Corporation’s Board of Directors works closely with the GBRA’s staff and the GBRA Board of Directors to execute the ongoing mission of service to rural residents.

The bylaws of the Corporation established the number of directors, voting protocol, and rules for participation by the Membership. Although the system is actually owned and operated by GBRA (the Calhoun County Rural Water Supply Division), the GBRA staff works very closely with the Corporation's directors to insure their satisfaction, and seeks their guidance on issues of concern from the membership constituency.

In July 2000, the Municipal Utility District of Port O'Connor purchased the GBRA portion of the Rural Water System situated in the town of Port O'Connor, and began to operate independently. However, the District remains a wholesale customer of the GBRA Port Lavaca Water Treatment Plant. The sale allowed GBRA to retire the Farmers Home debt, but significantly reduced the number of customer accounts and associated revenue.

Service activities include water loss monitoring, leak detection and repair, water conservation education, and water quality information and testing. Expansion of the customer base to meet the Divsion's mission of service to county residents and also to provide an improved economy-of-scale operating mode, is a continuing goal. Currently the Rural Water Division serves 1320 customers (members). Expansion is always restrained to some degree by GBRA's obligation to existing customers to maintain reasonable service rates.

Further information about the system or location of service areas may be obtained by contacting GBRA directly. Please also contact GBRA if you wish to contact a Corporation Director for your geographical area of interest.

  • Location: Magnolia Beach Road, Port Lavaca, Texas
  • Startup Date: April 2, 1973
  • Service Area: Alamo Beach, Indianola, and Magnolia Beach (AIM), Six Mile, and Highway 35
  • Service Population: approximately 3,000


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