Coleto Creek Division

Coleto Reservoir System

This system stores natural watershed flows and water diverted under State permits from the Guadalupe River in the 3,100 acre reservoir. The reservoir is managed by GBRA to provide cooling water to Coleto Creek Power's adjacent electric generating plant at Fannin.

The reservoir system is monitored for shoreline pollution, and division staff educate the public on prevention techniques. The division also participates in an aquatic plant management program to control noxious aquatic vegetation.

Coleto Recreation System

This system manages the park property and facilities adjacent to the Reservoir including a lighted fishing pier, multi-use campsites, boat ramps, picnic and swimming areas, nature trail, playground and group pavilion. For more information, go to the Coleto Creek Park page.

Lake Wood Recreation Area

This system consists of 35 acres of park facilities, RV campsites, tent camping areas, picnic sites, and a park store and access to the Guadalupe River for canoes and kayaks. For more information, go to the Lake Wood Park page.

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