Crestview Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Crestview wastewater treatment plant and collection system was added to the GBRA Rural Water System for Calhoun County and began operations on February 22, 1998. The project was a joint effort involving the Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission, Calhoun County Commissioners Court, and GBRA, in response to an extreme need for adequate treatment of domestic waste effluent in this subdivision. Grant funding from the Texas Department of Community Affairs was obtained by the Commissioners Court through the Planning Commission, and GBRA agreed to accept operating responsibilities. Victoria County Electric Cooperative also assisted by providing the necessary power transmission infrastructure to the plant site.

Fifty-two residences are served by the system, and all these customers also receive their drinking water from the GBRA rural water system. The treated wastewater effluent is discharged to Chocolate Bayou under an approved state permit and exceeds (betters) the quality standards imposed by the permit.

This project provides an excellent example of cooperation among several agencies and customers dedicated to the improvement of the public health and welfare.


Stephanie Shelly, Plant Manager
Phone: 361-552-9751
Fax: 361-552-6529

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