Port Lavaca Water Treatment Plant Division

This division supplies the City of Port Lavaca, the Calhoun County Rural Water Supply Corporation and the Port O'Connor Municipal Utility District with a municipal drinking water supply, treated to meet state and federal drinking water standards.

A reliable raw water source for the treated drinking water is provided by the diversion of water from the Guadalupe River near Tivoli by GBRA's Calhoun Canal System, utilizing water rights permits issued to GBRA by the State of Texas.

On-site water quality monitoring and testing is done to ensure that treated water meets all required standards for public water facilities. With a peak rate treatment capacity of 6 million gallons per day, the plant provides treated water for domestic and business needs.

The municipal customers contract with this Division for a specified amount of treated drinking water, and also contract with the GBRA Water Supply Division to insure an uninterruptable supply of the raw source water is available in times of drought.

Investments in technology and equipment, including remote monitoring of the water delivery and storage system, ensure that plant operations are efficient and cost-effective, and in keeping with available customer funding.

In addition, division staff work with customers and the public to promote water resource education and sound conservation practices.

  • Location: Port Lavaca, Texas
  • Startup Date: July 9, 1970
  • Expansion: 1993
  • Capacity: 6 mgd
  • Service Area: City of Port Lavaca, Port O'Connor, and the areas served by the GBRA Calhoun County Rural Water System.


Stephanie Shelly, Plant Manager
Phone: 361-552-9751
Fax: 361-552-6529

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