Western Canyon Water Treatment Plant Division

The Western Canyon Water Treatment Plant, which began delivering treated water to customers on April 3, 2006, uses water from Canyon Reservoir to provide a firm supply of treated drinking water to area communities and water systems. Some of these customers, as well as many other residents, depend upon wells drilled into the groundwater supplies of the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers. Some wells experience water quality and quantity problems during low rainfall or drought, and the Western Canyon water helps to supplement these sources.

The facility consists of a raw water intake at Comal Park on Canyon Lake, a 10 mgd micro-filtration water treatment plant at Startz Hill, two booster pump stations, and approximately 45 miles of raw and treated water pipelines. The employees at the plant are also responsible for monitoring the customer delivery points along the treated water transmission pipeline with the use of a SCADA (control and monitoring) system.

  • Location: Canyon Lake, Texas
  • Startup Date: 2006
  • Capacity: 10 mgd
  • Service Area: Comal and Kendall Counties, Texas


Hunter Duncan, Division Manager
Phone: 830-885-2639

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