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Lake Dunlap Spillgate Failure Overview

The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority experienced a spillgate failure at Lake Dunlap on May 14, 2019, resulting in the dewatering (draining) of the lake. GBRA experienced a similar spillgate collapse at Lake Wood in 2016 caused by a failure of structural steel members inside the gate. While the cause of the failure at Lake Dunlap will not be determined until further investigation, it is currently believed the failure at Dunlap is also related to aging structural steel.

Replacement of the spillgates with a more modern gate system at all six hydroelectric dams would require approximately $15 to $35 million per dam. GBRA's revenues alone cannot support this level of investment. GBRA is continuing to research all available funding opportunities as well as stakeholder partnerships.

GBRA remains committed to finding a solution, and encourages lake residents to visit this page for updates on this issue. Questions or comments may be directed to .


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