Aqua Phil's Conservation Basin

Aqua Phil's Conservation Basin

To learn how you can contribute to the overall efforts of water conservation in the Guadalupe River Basin and throughout the state, follow some of these tips offered by Aqua Phil.

River Run Winter 2018

River Run

This seasonal magazine features insightful articles, company news, and practical information about water issues and other forces shaping our company.

Annual Report 2018

Annual Report

This annual publication provides comprehensive, user-friendly information on company trends and includes tables and graphs that help readers assess the growth of GBRA.

Basin Highlights Report 2017

Basin Highlights Report

This report is generated annually and includes an overview of water quality monitoring efforts in the Guadalupe River Basin, a description of the water quality conditions of the basin, a summary of the findings of any special studies or monitoring efforts, and includes maps of the sampling sites.

The Basin Summary Report is generated every five years in place of the Basin Highlights Report and is a comprehensive analysis of water quality data for the basin.

Don't Be Clueless About Water Quality

This brochure covers watersheds, nonpoint source pollution, stewardship, alternatives to HHW, and a listing of contact resources.


GBRA and The Aransas Project (TAP) Press Conference � February 24, 2016

GBRA and The Aransas Project Press Conference - February 24, 2016

Two entities that spent years in litigation over Guadalupe River water use and how it affects the wintering population of the endangered whooping cranes are finding common ground. GBRA and The Aransas Project (TAP) announced that they are collaborating on a white paper to address human and environmental issues for the benefit of the Guadalupe River system, including San Antonio Bay and Estuary, and to secure funding for studies related to this endeavor. The press conference was hosted and recorded by The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University.

log jam presentation

Log Jam Presentation - April 29, 2015

On Wednesday, April 29, GBRA officials held a meeting with members of the Lower Basin (Victoria, DeWitt, Calhoun and Refugio counties) community to discuss log jam operations. GBRA staff and local board members are working to reach a resolution to current log jam issues as well as potential options for long-term maintenance.

Texas Water Journal Forum

History of the Edwards Aquifer Dispute - A View from the Trenches

This day-long forum focused on the early years of the almost 60-year conflict over the use of the Edwards Aquifer. Featuring many of the prominent players from the dispute, the forum provided an opportunity to create and preserve a living oral history on one of the nation's most protraacted and acrimonious water disputes.

The Climate Detective

The Climate Detective

This video, produced by Texas Parks & Wildlife, shows how a study of tree rings from old bald cypress trees may help water planners better understand the trends of drought in Central Texas.

KSAT 1998 Flood

KSAT News Video of the 1998 Flood

This video is provided courtesy of KSAT News, San Antonio -

1998 Flood

The 1998 Flood

These videos show the dramatic footage of the damage caused by the 1998 flood.

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