Established in 1825, Gonzales is one of the oldest settlements in the state of Texas. Impresario Green Dewitt was given permission from the Mexican government to establish a colony of 400 families here; and selected a site near the junction of the Guadalupe and San Marcos Rivers. Dewitt named the colony Gonzales after Don Rafael Gonzales, the governor of Coahuila-Texas. It was the first Anglo-American settlement west of the Colorado River.

Gonzales is also well known for being the site of the first battle of the Texas Revolution. In late September, 1835 eighteen townsmen gathered on the banks of the Guadalupe River and refused to give up their small cannon to the Mexican troops. This action led to the firing of the first shot of the Texas Revolution on October 2, 1835. Gonzales remains the home of the cannon that began the battle. It was this cannon that fired the first shot for Texas' Independence. Gonzales is also where the famous "Come and Take It" flag was fashioned. Today, Gonzales welcomes visitors from all over to experience its history, entertainment, dining, shopping, and much, much more!

Did you know?

  • The Texas Independence Trail is a circular road-trip and begins and ends right here in Gonzales.
  • Every year, there is a re-enactment of the Battle of Gonzales. Historical markers show the various important locations.
  • The "Come and Take It" cannon was only twenty-one inches long!

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