Refugio is quintessential Texas. The history is still alive even today and can be seen in the people, places and culture of Refugio County. Originally established in 1795, but with rising problems and a failed mission of establishment, it wasn't until 1828 that Refugio became a permanent settlement in Texas. Without the help of two Irishmen who obtained an Empresarios contract from the Mexican government, bringing 200 families over from Ireland the town would never have been made possible. Just two years after the permanent settlement, the citizens of Refugio played an important role in the Texas Revolution by forming together and electing Sam Houston and James Power to represent Refugio at the First Convention of Texas in order to form a new government, and at the Battle of Refugio, which took place March 12-15, 1836. The people of Refugio opened the way for the "Day of San Jacinto".

Refugio is not all about history though. In fact, there are attractions, outdoor excursions, and sightseeing adventures just waiting for you to come out and enjoy for yourself. Whether you're a birder, hunter, kayaker, a salt or freshwater angler, or even a nature photographer, Refugio County has the perfect landscape waiting for you. And as the locals say, "Come for the fun, but stay for the life!"

Did you know?

  • There are more than 400 species of birds, 16 plant communities, 50 kinds of amphibians and reptiles, 70 types of moths and butterflies, and numerous other insects that have been recorded at the Fennessy Ranch.
  • Refugio County is a thriving agricultural center.
  • Many of the famous Victorian style homes, built with cattle money and expanded with oil money, still remain in Refugio County. Some of these homes are open for occasional tours.

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