GBRA Social Media Comments Guidelines

GBRA’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Vimeo) are used to engage with constituents and friends by communicating crucial information such as emergencies and notifications as well as provide educational content and related news. We encourage the public to interact with our posts and to start constructive dialogue as it pertains to the topic being discussed. GBRA does not tolerate and will remove comments in violation of the Facebook Community Standards including:

Repeatedly failing to comply with the GBRA Social Media Comments Policy may result in the commenter being blocked from GBRA’s Social Media Platforms. GBRA does not endorse all comments by individuals for they are the opinions and views of the author.

Social media can also serve as a tool for customer service. Any specific inquiries and messages sent through GBRA’s social media channels may be responded to (publicly or privately) within 24 business hours. Do not include personal information while commenting; however, use appropriate avenues such as private message or email to .