Calhoun County Regional Wastewater Facility Study

This study involved evaluating the feasibility of developing regional wastewater collection and treatment facilities to serve existing and future development in Calhoun County. Planning for regional wastewater collection and treatment facilities is important at this time for prevention of problems due to aging infrastructure, failing septic systems and to develop a plan for efficient sharing of resources. The population in the study area has increased in the past 10 years, and the population is projected to substantially increase over the next 20 years due to future developments along the coastal area.

The Calhoun County Regional Wastewater Study considered several regional solutions and focused on the areas of interest of the project participants. This report summarizes the findings of this study; information regarding the study area, projected population and wastewater flows, description of collection and treatment alternatives, wastewater reuse alternatives, proposed effluent standards, cost estimates and potential funding options are also included in this study.

Kendall County and City of Fair Oaks Regional Water and Wastewater Planning Study

As Kendall County, including all of the City of Fair Oaks Ranch continues to grow in population and associated commercial development, it is important to properly plan and manage the future water supply and wastewater facilities in the County and the City and to protect water quality in the region.

This study examines facilities needed to meet future demands in Kendall County and the City of Fair Oaks Ranch through a thirty year planning period from 2010 to 2040 while protecting the surface water quality and groundwater supplies of the region. The study also investigates potential regional management opportunities for water and wastewater facilities associated with development through this planning period.

Boating Capacity Study

The goal of this study was to construct an informative management tool to better manage the pressure of increased recreational use and shoreline development on Lakes Dunlap, McQueeney, Placid, Nolte (Meadow Lake), Gonzales (H4), and Wood (H5).

San Antonio Guadalupe Estuarine System (SAGES) Study

The links below include the final report of the San Antonio Guadalupe Estuarine System (SAGES) study completed in April 2009, as well as public comments that were submitted and the researchers responses to those comments.

Tree Ring Study

This study indicates that South Texas has experienced drought conditions that may have been considerably worse than the 1950s drought of record.

Caldwell County Regional Water and Wastewater Planning Study

This study examines population projections, projected water supply needs, existing water resources, proposed water plans, and proposed cost estimates. The study also examines the current availability and viability of the proposed projects in the Region L plan to meet the water supply needs of Caldwell County. Potential regional water and wastewater projects were identified for consideration to meet the needs of the county.

In addition, management strategies are identified that could be considered for implementation to reduce potential non-point pollution loads into the surface water and groundwater resources of Caldwell County.

Download the entire report, or individual sections below:

Eastern Hays County Regional Wastewater Facility Planning Study

This study investigates the opportunities for regionalization of wastewater treatment facilities in the eastern portion of Hays County, Texas.

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